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Woodstock peasant blouse

The year was 1969. Lovers, dreamers, artists and angels gathered for three days of music, art and revelry at Woodstock. The fashion was something to behold — free-spirited and unconventional. Diane Gilman pays homage to that iconic event with a bohemian-inspired top that’ll call forth your inner flower child. It even includes a woven label sewn into the back of the garment which lists several iconic phrases from Woodstock. Comes in red, white and navy. Rayon / Spandex / Polyester

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The performance of The Star-Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix that closed Woodstock was described by the rock critic from the New York Post as 'the single greatest moment of the Sixties'. Yet it was witnessed by just a fraction of the crowd. Most had gone home by the time Hendrix came on stage, at 9am on a Monday morning.