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Woodstock earrings

Jay King Carnelian, Turquoise and Amber Sterling Silver Earrings. Serene sunsets on the beach followed by a splash of Grand Marnier. This is the stuff of grand illusions or favorite escapist fantasies. If you plan to pursue them anytime soon, you’ll want to pick up these multigemstone drop earrings. In them you’ll find a similar convergence of color and warmth—rich reds, opulent orange and browns, tinged with a touch of turquoise blue. They’re just what you need to keep the dream alive! Inspired by Woodstock and comes with a replica of the original concert ticket.

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As an unknown and unproven business, Woodstock organizers had to pay inflated sums to get the top rockers to sign up. Jefferson Airplane were the first, paid $12,000, double their usual fee. Even hippy band The Grateful Dead demanded cash in hand before they would play, as did Janis Joplin and The Who. Janis Joplin was paid $7,500.