monster mash

Monster Mash tee

It just seems fitting that favorite song lyrics from the 1960s are printed in glitter vinyl. This fun, slightly A-line tee is made of soft cotton and is dressed up with lyrics from “Monster Mash.” Made in the USA.

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Bobby Pickett was a nightclub entertainer and a horror movie fan. He based this song on the "Mashed Potato" dance craze, which is where The "Mash" in the title comes in. The most successful novelty song in history, it was recorded in 1962 and many of the sound effects were created organically in the studio. The coffin being opened was made by pulling a rusty nail out of a lump of wood with the claw of a hammer. The bubbling sounds came from blowing through a straw in a glass of water. Famous cover versions include The Beach Boys and The Misfits.