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Let It Be hi low tee


A flattering hi-lo style, this grey tee urges you to “let it be”. How could you not when sporting such a comfy, slouchy style? A vintage-inspired design for the fangirl who loves the Fab 4. Polyester / Rayon

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Originally written by Paul McCartney, but attributed to both Lennon and McCartney, the song was often interpreted as a Christian hymn of sorts. Much speculation as to the meaning of the words even came from John Lennon himself who had qualms about the song due to its Christian overtones. But in fact, the “Mother Mary” who McCartney speaks of is actually his own mother Mary, who died when he was 14. Supposedly she came to him in a dream and inspired the lyrics. In a strange twist of the subconscious mind, Virgin Mary utters these very words in the Bible. The three remaining Beatles performed the song for the last time together at Linda McCartney’s funeral.