July 27th, 2015

Meeting Michael Lang

I had the great privilege of having lunch with Michael Lang last week.  The creator and visionary behind Woodstock in the summer of 1969 made history by bringing together almost half a million people for 3 days of peace & music.  To put that in perspective, Madison Square Garden seats about 22,000.  This was before the days of social media and this monumental event was manifested solely through his sheer passion and determination.  To say that there were obstacles is an understatement, but  the outcome was what Time Magazine called “the greatest peaceful event in history.”   You can call it destiny or a precursor to the “Age of Aquarius,” predicted by astrologers when the stars and planets would align and allow for more sympathy, peace and understanding among people.  Regardless, Woodstock made a powerful impact that continues to resonate today with so many who weren’t even alive when it happened.   I wasn’t born yet, but just hearing the word “Woodstock” brings out this nostalgic hippie feeling of love and freedom in me. I somehow feel connected to all of the lucky spirits who witnessed it.  Woodstock influences and inspires our fashion choices like never before.  With our new Woodstock collection we hope to bring a little bit of love, peace and music into your life.  XO, Hanna