Lyric Culture is a rock-n-roll lifestyle brand inspired by the song lyrics of the most legendary musical artists.

It started with a pair of jeans...

It all started when singer-songwriter Hanna Rochelle was passing time during a studio recording session by scribbling song lyrics on her jeans. That idle moment became a monumental inspiration.  Hanna thought, “What if I designed a whole line of clothes to celebrate the songs we all know and love?”  Hanna went on to combine her two greatest passions: music and fashion. It seemed so simple – “Who doesn’t have a deep attachment to the words of their favorite tunes?

Fast-forward to today, where the company has the rights to the most venerated tracks in music history and the simple idea is now a music lifestyle collection with products ranging from denim wear, leather, fashion tops, cashmere, sleepwear, jewelry, bags and accessories sporting iconic song lyrics from artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, as well as current hits made famous by Rihanna, Ariana Grande, One Direction and more.

We support songwriters.

We are proud to support songwriters who participate in the revenue generated by all of our products. We have a huge library of classic rock, country, hip-hop, Christian, Latin, and current hits at our fingertips and specialize in finding the perfect soundtrack and “songs that fit” for our retail partners.

Many of our products have lyrics printed on the inside of the garment so you can wear them close to your heart. 


Call it a modern twist on wearing your heart on your sleeve. So, go ahead….say it with a song.